TOP 5 legal music sources for free Mp3 download

Are you looking where to download free music legally? Check out these websites!

Music from the Internet is associated primarily with piracy by many. It is true that access to online music has changed beyond recognition: streaming services, shops with digital editions and… places where we you download various songs for free! Here’s a list of several platforms where you will find thousands of songs for free, moreover — you can download and use some of them in your own projects!

1. Y2Convert

Ever wanted to download your favorite music from YouTube to your PC or iPod? Y2Convert is here to help. Thanks to this website, you can download music in MP3 format and then rip it to any device. It allows you to take your favorite music wherever you want without worrying about megabytes of data disappearing. No need to download and install any application to your computer. Just copy the link to the song you want to download and paste it into URL section on the website That’s the whole philosophy of getting legal MP3 from YouTube for free. Enjoy it!

2. Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a project behind the WFMU radio, popular in the United States, that focuses on promoting new music — and not necessarily the greatest artists who can afford to spend millions of dollars on marketing. A huge library, access to which is at your fingertips — an easy-to-use player, and what’s more important — plenty of music genres!

3. Live Music Archive

As the title suggests, the website offers an archive of live concert recordings. It is the result of cooperation between the Internet Archive and the platform that collects high-quality concert recordings — If you count that the website will become an alternative to music stores — it will not be so, because copyright, however, has a lot to say. However, apart from niche / jam bands, you can find in their library, among others footage from Smashing Pumpkins. It is worth browsing, checking, giving a chance and… maybe discovering something new? The recordings available there are of really high quality!

4. Musopen

The Musopen platform focuses on classical music — we can easily search for pieces by composers and those who perform them. In addition, there is a whole set of filters: from the instrument, through forms, ending with licenses. There you will also find a player built into the website, and in addition to it, the option to download songs to your hard drive.

5. SoundCloud

It’s a platform that will probably be no stranger to many of you — SoundClound has enjoyed a great reputation for years, especially among electronic music lovers. And although many of the songs there you can simply… buy, there are also songs that can be downloaded for free.

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